admin January 26, 2023

Built into rock formations and designed with green roofs, the resort is home to many of Ikaria’s botanic species (nature’s aromatherapy of olive, cypress, oleander, sage and thyme). As shared custodians of this extraordinary setting, we’re careful to conserve the raw beauty of our secluded beaches, dramatic landscape and local heritage.

The resort’s organic farms and gardens play an important role in our Eat With Hygeia’s approach to food and drink. Through growing much of our own fruit and vegetables on-site, we can ensure that our guests enjoy fresh, whole, seasonal, and high-quality food that’s grown-in, not flown-in. With our compost machine in our resort, we utilize microbes to compost food waste in 24 hours, producing a nutrient-rich soil amendment to be used in our organic garden. The glass crusher in our kitchen enables us to reduce the volume occupied by glass bottles by up to 80 percent. Treated waste water is reused for landscaping irrigation. Additionally, we are surrounded by a number of local gardens, vineyards and farms from which can responsibly source the freshest vegetables, fruit and herbs, reducing impacts such as packaging and transportation.

We filter and bottle our own still and sparkling water allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint from plastic bottles.

We invite our guests to learn about upcycling and recycling as well as gardening – ask us what programs we’re running during your stay! If they’re lucky, they might even spot some of the local wildlife such as wood peckers, rabbits, foxes and even the Lizard of Ikaria, indigenous only on Ikaria.

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